The Highlight of My Year: It's Kid's Week on Jeopardy

by - 12:30 PM

You guys, it's Kid's Week on Jeopardy. 

I don't know if you care about stuff like this, but it's kind of a big deal to Ryan and I. We're both highly competitive and we're both moderately smart, and we're both all about that Jeopardy. So, Monday-Friday, if we don't have something more interesting going on -- and let's be honest, we usually don't -- 7:30 is reserved for kicking each other's ass at Jeopardy. And the winner being an asshole all night, resting comfortably in gloat-land. 

So, let's talk about why Kid's Week is so special. It all stems from something I already told you: we are only moderately smart. I have more formal education than Ryan, but he reads more news, and both of us think things like moonwalking ponies and Jim Jefferies' humor is hilarious, so what I'm suggesting is that Ken Jennings we are not. If I get through Final Jeopardy with 8,000 points, I'm going to tell Ryan about it all night long, and probably at lunch the next day, too. 

Kid's Week is this magical thing where all the questions are tailored to 4th graders and my potential to score into the double-digits is as likely as a question about To Kill a Mockingbird showing up in a daily double. It's gonna happen and I'm not gonna worry about the bar being set really low. I'm just going to prance around my house like the queen of all things smart. 

Do I care that the question was "Dale Earnhardt is a third generation competitor in this sport"? 


Because "What. Is. NASCARRRRRRR!!!!!" 

Queen. Smart. Prance. I'm all over it. 


My favorite thing in the whole wide world is when I catch a picture of Jack smiling. I just gave the dogs a bath, and Ralph was looking adequately abused, but not that dork face Jack back there. That guy knows that when he see's a flash, it's time for a smile. Cheese, you know?

He's even smiling with his teeth! There are people who don't do that!


Pretty decent for a Wednesday, I'd say. Cheers to mid-week!

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