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Very briefly -- an outline of the previous 5 days:

Thursday: ate my weight in turkey and scalloped corn. Felt like a pregnant woman. Knocked up with twins. Seven months in.
Friday: Repeat. And shopped. Considered that shopping is exercise, and duplicated the previous night's seven months pregnant with twins feast of turkey, corn and cranberry sauce.
Saturday: Wondered if I'll ever fit into my pre-Thanksgiving jeans again. Ate numerous slices of apple pie to calm the sads.
Sunday: Sick of turkey, feasted on calzones.
Monday: Created my future campaign slogan - "Four day weekends for all!" and dug through my closet for stretchy stuff.


So many grateful moments this holiday:

1.) A table power-packed with more plates than places.Chairs squeezed together, shoulders touching shoulders, and trying to fit everyone in one lens.

And the immediate, somewhat combative shouts that began as soon as the lens' cap was screwed back. "Pass the....." "Where's the......" "Who made the bread?"

2.) Six dogs.

And for what it's worth, 17 people. Also, perhaps even more meaningful, roughly 600 square feet. You guys, we were just sleeping everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

3.) Sisters. Cousins. People who know that distance has nothing to do with miles.

4.) The mythical Tur-Duck-En

6.) Breaking out the Christmas mugs, because hello! It's the Christmas season!

7.) Other happies that put the cherry on the sundae:

Like, little dogs who are not happy with me, but played along anyway.

 And dogs in ear-muffs.

 And fashion apps. And little girls who say "Hey! Hey! Aunt Jenn -- you'll like this game!"


And now, here comes Santa Claus.

I don't want to toot my horn too much, but my Christmas cards hit the mailbox today. So...


In other news, I am 26 years old, and my Oma still gets me an Advent Calendar every year, and I am overjoyed everytime. Today I cracked open "1."


I hope your Thanksgiving rocked.

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