October Outtakes

by - 7:59 AM

It's November, you guys!

Every month, I whine like a baby about how quickly it went. There goes July.....Oh, May, I guess I missed you....did we even have an August?! Well, incredibly, here were are in November, and I'm going to just go for it --- where the eff is 2014 going?

We're officially in the left lane, speeding into the holidays, where we'll hit a patch of ice and slide screamingly into 2015. The door will lock, and that will be that. I'll still have a mug of egg nog in my hand, tinsel in my hair and Bing crooning in my head, like a bad holiday hangover, as I stare at the closed 2014 door with horror. Um, where'd you go?

In the meantime, let's celebrate October. I'm patting my own back, comforting the halloween hangover, as dum-dums still litter my desk drawer and a rotting pumpkin adorns my front stoop. A secret? That pumpkin will be there for a while. I'd guesstimate roughly into April 2015.

Just a guesstimate, though. It could be May or June.

Anyway --

I baked. I made banana bread that knocked the socks off of Ryan. Seriously, he was stunned. I discovered Ariana Grande. I Scrabbled with my Oma, and loved the heck out of a little girl who walks now. I coerced her big sister to snuggle me by trading Oreos for hugs. I saw the first snow of the season.

Except for that last part, I'd venture to suggest it was excellent.


Pretty decent, I'd say.

How was your October?

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