Halloween and Once Upon a Time

by - 9:25 AM

You guys, does time change rock or what?

Welcome to the happiest Sunday of the year, the one with an extra hour. Cheers to you, ye who dreamed up Day Light Savings, you really deserve a beer, or ten. 


So, halloween. 

I was a week early with this little vampire, but she put on a show. She's such a ham-sandwich. It took a lot of strength for her to look so serious. 


Onwards to the actual holiday, Ryan hit the road down state, so I was alone. And it was stormy. And the wind was blowing all sorts of crazy sounds. Seems apropos for the day, but then it started to snow. That does not seem appropriate at all. I don't know if it was the weather, or the fact that I've never actually seen any children in my neighborhood at all, but the streets were dead and not a single dressed up child, no Elsas, no ghosties, no Batmans, rang my doorbell. 

Hmph. I had a pup in a hotdog costume and I feel cheated that nobody got to see him. 

In other news, with Halloween out of the way, the holiday season is officially in session. If you don't believe me, take a trip to Kohls. I walked in yesterday and "Frosty the Snowman" was playing. I'm not a bah-humbug-er about Christmas, but jeez. 


Anyway, with Ryan out of town, I had complete and total control over the Netflix and that means catching up on season 3 of Once Upon a Time. I'm finally up to speed on the Neverland episodes, but jeez-louise, Mary-Margaret/Snow is the dumbest character of all time. Can't keep a secret, can't seem to make up her mind about killing or not killing the Evil Queen, and can't get a grip when she has the chance to save her kingdom and wipe out Regina once and for all. If I were Charming, I'd divorce her, because she is damn infuriating. I recognize that this is all for plot, but could the writers somehow make her seem not stupid? 

I'm astounded. 

Speaking of writers and writing, it's Nanowrimo season. One day in and I'm already behind, but you know, it's the journey not the destination. Or whatever. Instead of writing all 1,600 words yesterday, I made banana bread that fell flat, but totally tastes good. Seems worth it. 


Anyone taking on the Nanowrimo challenge? Anyone love Mary-Margaret and think I'm totally crazy? 

And most importantly, anyone think it's beyond bizarre and kind of repulsive when Gold kisses Belle? 



Happy 25-hour Sunday!

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