Cheers! It's Friday!

by - 7:53 AM

Just like pretty much everywhere -- it's been snowing here. A lot. For the first time, Ryan and I live in a lake effect zone and that term is not a joke. We're in a permanent blizzard.

A few funnies this week --

We'll start with the snow. It's officially accumulated to a height that is taller than Jack's legs are long. He literally pops in the snow. Up and disappears. Up and disappears. Up and disappears.

I recently whipped out the Beyonce dictionary and learned Ryan a little in "surfborts" and "boof boof riders." It was the most hilarious conversation of my life. Much pop culture.

Dogs can do the splits. I know, because I saw Ralph do it. Careening across the living room. Splits in all directions.

Jack cannot do the splits, but with his long body, he's like a truck with an unweighted bed. Dude comes running in the house, snow clumped on his paws, and he zooms in all fish-tailed and kidney-beaned.


Today is my 3rd most favorite day of the week and I am sooo jazzed that it is here. Cheers! It's Friday.

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