Thursday v. Saturday

by - 7:20 PM

So this morning, I guess I decided it was actually Saturday and not Thursday. That's obviously because Thursday can't shake a stick at Saturday in terms of outright awesomeness, you know? Saturday has something -- that X factor, that drink-all-day-cause-it's-not-Monday magic, that-breakfast-at-noon recklessness, that go-ahead-and-sleep-in-because-eff-the-world-at-6am spice.

What I'm saying is I overslept. By about an hour and a half. And seriously considered crying because my programmed coffee maker had already turned off by the time I got up and the only reason I drag myself out of bed in the AM was already cold.

Heavy sobs very nearly ensued. But then I looked at my nails and they were a really fabulous shade of shiny red, and somehow, I was okay again.

Alright, that last part isn't real, but I did throw a mug of coffee in the microwave and pull it together. Thursday's the new Monday -- not, tragically, the new Saturday.


So, totally unrelated, but check this out:
PS - This was a Saturday thing.

So, it's cold here now -- waddup winter -- but it's also windy and that is apparently perfect weather for kite surfers. This is a new anomaly to me so I was little wow-now about it. It's really incredible -- the kites are huge -- and there was a pack of surfers on the beach on Sunday. The wind just picks them up and off they go, totally fearless.

Cool, right?


Anyway, that's it for me. It's Thursday, after all, and I don't have the time quite like Saturday does.

see you then!

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