There Went Summer

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A couple of nights ago, I was walking through Meijer, perusing the clearance make up aisle and wasting time in general. And I felt this weird deja vu that will never occur again.

You guys, I am not feverishly planning a recruiting itinerary right now. I'm not calling guidance counselors. I'm not packing the surprisingly tiny trunk of a Ford Focus with view books and ACT pencils.I'm not trading those boxes of pencils in exchange for an extra cookie at a college fair.  I'm not reviewing division athletic admissions requirements or praying to meet really smart kids. I'm not checking my brakes and tires. I'm not driving to Pontiac or Detroit or Bloomfield freakin' Hills.

I'm not doing any of that shit. But mostly, I'm not perusing Meijer, wasting time in between visits (or buying caramel apples to persuade counselors to let me present to more than one class.)

It felt kind of weird. Like, I was walking around in my Meijer, the only one I'll really go to this year. The one I'll go to with a purpose. Just my regular Meijer, that's all.

So. Weird. I'm not traveling this fall. And actually, I'm a little sad. I sort of liked trading pencils for cookies and caramel apples for presentation spaces.


Two of my best friends visited us for the first time over Labor Day weekend. I've known KJ for a long time and it doesn't matter how many people I meet for the rest of my life, I am confident she will always remain the kindest person I know. Except to criminals. She's not kind to those assholes.

Anyway, we kicked the last weekend of summer and basically just pretended that it wasn't. Denial, as they say, ain't just a river in Egypt.

Bring on the ice cream and beachin', folks.

If you ever wondered, KJ and Trav love on their dogs the same way I do -- like biological children, grown in our very own wombs. And accordingly, our dogs are cousins. Which they know because we tell them so. Often.

In other news, I cooked again, although mostly because I wanted to show off to my guests. Look guys, I'm domestic and one hell of a host, don't you think? Please ignore the fact that I might be out of toilet paper, because that is not reflective of my hostess skills. Here, have some cinnamon rolls!

Actually, the cupcakes were for Ryan, who turned 33 over the weekend. Cheers to him being born!

The wine slushy recipe can be found here (I used peaches instead of strawberries.) and the Salted Caramel Cupcakes recipe is here


The rest of the weekend was exactly how summer should be -- lazy, slow, cool, calm, and sunny. A couple of not-so-little girls were in town, enjoying the last weekend before the 7th grade. As I remember it, 7th grade was an okay year for me. That was the year I fell in love with Jeremy Laatz, who had the poor manners to not fall back in love with me, so mainly I just admired him from afar. It was the year I acquired a bestfriendship with someone who then "went out" with Jeremy Laatz. I guess I had different standards to bestfriending back then because it didn't really bother me much. I broke my arm in the 7th grade and had a fun purple cast that eventually became less fun and more sweat/mold scented. 

But none of that's important now, because we still have summer to hang on to. 


And you know, that was that. Summer's over. was 80+ degrees today, and I just gave myself a sunny, neon-hued manicure. So maybe it's not so over, at all. 

Maybe it's peeking over the seat, just waiting to be invited back again --

Hey Mom. Oh hay, yeah actually we love the front seat. Did you know, yeah we love sitting in your lap best, just incase you were wondering. Hey Mom. Mom. Hello? Hey Mom.

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