August Outtakes

by - 7:29 PM

"August is the Sunday of summer."


I treated August the same way I treat Sundays -- foolishly spending too much time wishing it would never end and not enough time just enjoying it. That's a habit I hope to grow out of sooner rather than later. Anyway, this is probably the first September that I'm not excited to see. I just never got sick of summer and rather than craving the cozy that Fall brings with it, I'm already missing the way summertime is so easy and lazy and slow.

Oh summertime, stay a little longer, won't you?


August was good. It really was. August was my first wedding anniversary. I finally made it into the New Testament. My best friend visited for Labor Day and I made some kind of baked good every single week. 

Oh summer, you were so good. And so loved -- goodbye

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