Summertime Driving

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You know that feeling, that good good feeling, of summertime driving with the windows down while a great song plays on the radio? When it just feels nice to put your foot on the pedal and hang your arm out the window? When driving just feels good. It's a different feeling than accepting an ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles, or waking up to see the sun. Those are good things too, but it's a different feeling. The driving one is an easy kind of good. An everything-feels-right-in-the-entire-world kind of good.

My whole week felt like that.I'm not sure when the switch flipped, but everything just fell together in the most perfect way this week and the whole damn thing was the driving-with-the-windows-down variety of awesome.

And then Saturday happened, and I drank coffee outside while the dogs chased each other across the yard. I slowly caught up on my New Years Resolution (I'm in Daniel, now) and I cleaned my house before 8:30AM. And if there is anything better than summertime driving, well, I found it on Saturday. It's been a good week for me and while I feel like I should knock on wood like crazy before saying this, it just feels like everything is coming together. All of it.


I guess the best way to kick off a new week is by wrapping up the one previous to in in the most exceptional way. Which, I did.

With these little turkeys.

Riley walks now, you guys. She also picks her nose and says cute things like "Jack!". It's crazy to watch these sisters grow -- Adellia chasing the baby around the room, shouting things in her chirpy little voice like, "noooooo Riley! Don't eat that!" and "I told you that was gonna happen!" It just brings me so much joy because I have real hope that someday Riley and Adellia will be synonymous with Deanna and Jenn and they'll know how much the world rocks when you have a sister to share it and shop it with. 

By the way, Riley-Boo-Boo had a birthday yesterday. Girl is a full year old now and I'm just going to cry for a little bit because how in the world has a year passed since this day:


And then --

Can you believe there's an "and then" after that! But really -- and then -- my favorite Coloradian (??) flew in from Denver and her presence called together a family reunion to celebrate her arrival, and the arrival of our first baby. Our first baby might be an exaggeration, but when you've been pals with a group for nearly a decade and one of 'em has a baby, it kind of feels like a collective effort. We have a baby now, guys!

So we kicked it high school style and broke out the food and word games. Very summertime driving if you ask me. It was so good. 

My favorite part about this picture is that we all look really great.


And then ---

My Oma is on the road as we speak, to spend the weekend with me. The will be much beaching and ice cream eating. Probably an argument or two, and a friendly lesson in the best way to make yogurt and run the dishwasher, but mostly just that beach and ice cream bit. 

Happy weekending, guys! I hope your week rocked as hard as mine did!

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