July Outtakes

by - 10:01 PM

Raise your hand if you blinked for a red hot second and July was gone.

Guys, my hand is waving so high right now. Seriously though, where did it go? 

It went the same place that every month goes. It goes to work, and a little reading, and into some laundry and taking out the trash. It goes to sleep -- oh how it goes to sleep. It goes into a few walks and a bike ride and a trip up the peninsula. It goes into making dinner and celebrating birthdays. It goes into petting the dog and choosing which flip-flops to slip on.

July started on a tough note, but slowly melted into summertime easy. I turned 26 in July. Jack ran away in July. I made a cake from start to finish, ate it and didn't even get sick. I spent time at the beach and walking the pier. Ice cream was consumed, rocks were picked up, and puppies who returned home were snuggled. All in all, it was a good month. 


And the most successful thing I've done all month? I tricked my dogs into thinking that ice cubes are treats.

Happy August!

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