August 17, 2014

by - 5:48 PM

If I were the inventor of all the coolest things in the world, I would have made the weekend at least four days. Maybe even five, because too much of a good thing does not exist. I would also make soft serve machines as common place in a household kitchen as the sink or refrigerator. I'd suggest that we should all have swimming pools in our backyard and dogs who never think about running away.

Speaking of dogs -- yesterday I went for a long walk for a good cause. I went Running4Babies and I took my turkey dog, Ralphers with me. Oh you guys, if only you could have seen his face. I pull out the leash and that dude does dog cartwheels. He's so excited when he hops in the car, he overshoots it and bonks his brains on the ceiling. Undeterred, and no less happy, he cheerfully pants with his head stuck out the window as we cruise.

And then, it begins to rain. Pours. And anyone who thinks that Ralph can't frown is wrong. He trooped on for the whole 5k, but at every 20-ish foot interval,  he'd turn, give me a scowl and shake out his fur. We did that for roughly an hour before it was finished, and we were both soaked by the end of it. I encourage you to think of the way my car smells today -- two wet souls, one of which being a stanky wet dog, with the heat cranked and the humidity rising with every mile.


Anyway. Other than the rain on Saturday, the weekend rocked.

1.) I bake on Sundays now. This week it was cinnamon rolls.

2.) Ryan purchased a boat and our lives are officially complete.

3.) Our Sunday looked like this -- lazy.
It was all, hot cinnamon rolls and whipped cream on fresh coffee and a week's worth of blogs to catch up on.


I contracted some kind of illness at the end of last week that very nearly put a damper on my weekend, but I'm willing to suggest that a boat cures things. No really. I was busy living on the edge,without sunscreen and whatnot, when it occurred to me that I kind of felt fine, laying there in the sun. I could breathe and everything! And as a quick side note, reading on a boat is about a thousand times more fun than reading on my couch.

Who knew?


Here's to a new week and a picture that will make you smile --

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