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So, for some quick thoughts from a gal who's 26 now -

Primarily, real whipping cream is for Birthday coffee. It's a labor of love, but it makes the first seconds of 26 feel like the best ever.

And as a quick side note - whipping cream is also for eating with a spoon. 'Cause it's my birthday.


25 was a year for learning. A lot of learning. 25 was the first year of my marriage. It was the year of seeking change, chasing the hell out of it, and losing sleep to make it all fit together. 25 was a good year for friendship. 25 felt good.

Here's what I know, what I've learned in 25 -

You can make real impactful change in your life at any given time. Just, you know, do it.
Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.
Accept apologies that you will never get. Pretend you got them anyway and be kind.
It's okay to leave people behind. Some people will never set value in your relationship and it will be hurtful and harmful to keep trying. When you're the only one who picks up the phone or gets in the car, stop. But still, be kind.


25 had a highlight -


I guess if you've been reading along this year, it won't be a surprise to you that I feel like turning 26 is a relief. I'm glad to close up 25 and its challenges. Goodbye 25.

And finally, one last note--

I made a cake last night, and there were no fires. And PS - this cake didn't come from a box. It came from a bag of flour and sugar and carton of eggs. And a few other things.  It doesn't look burned, and we aren't afraid to taste it tonight.

Isn't 26 grand?


 24, 25

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  1. Happy 26th! It was a good one for me... Then again I only ended my 26tg year about two weeks ago, ha.