Sunday Funday

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When I started writing this morning, I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but then, it quickly spiraled out of control. It got venomous -- albeit, truthful -- but ultimately became something that will be published at a later date. Today is not that day. It's strange, though, how writing can control you. I intended to write about family, and what it means to be family, and how little biology has to do with it, but it quickly became heavy with things I do want to say, but not yet.

It's Sunday and there's a reason we say "easy like Sunday morning" and not "break out all the heavy emotional garbage you've been hoarding all week on Sunday morning."

So, yeah.


We've been summering lately.

It's sort of hard to talk yourself back into a routine after two weeks out of it. But it's a new routine, one that I'm looking very forward to, and that helps. For the past five-ish days, I've set my alarm to go off at 7am to get back into the habit of waking up early for work. Too bad 7am is about an hour and a half later than I will need to get up tomorrow, and that I haven't actually practiced getting out of bed at 7am. I'm a master of the snooze button.

I mean, aren't we all?

I learned a valuable lesson this week in conversation with Ryan's sister. Essentially the value in knowing your relationships and understanding your commitment to them and applying that information to the other person in your relationship and their commitment. Sometimes you're the sole waterer of a plant. If you think it's worth it, you make a decision to continue watering it yourself. If you don't, and that's okay, you let it die on the vine. Sometimes the only way to grow is to prune off the dead.

We left Lansing this week, and although we never really said goodbye to anyone, it felt like a perfect send-off week. We saw a lot of the family that we're leaving behind on several occasions throughout the last seven days. And for what it's worth, it felt right to not say goodbye because it's not really goodbye at all.

Because, what's distance, when you care about someone?
It's nothing, you guys. Nothing.

So, happy Sunday. Here's to looking forward to new week. As for Ryan and I, tomorrow is the first page of a new chapter in our book.

Speaking of a new chapter --
Congratulations Cameron!

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