Not Dead. Just Busy. And Dead Tired.

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So, it's been a few days since I've updated, but we've been busy, I promise. Very cool things have happened and it's been a good couple of weeks.

(That's a personal pinball best, right there.)

Busy though, and I've learned a couple of valuable things. Primarily that sometimes there is nothing nicer than a bowl of Ramen noodles and reality television. Ryan verbally shames me though, "I always wondered why shows like that are on. I guess it's because people like you watch them."

Dude, lay of the Kardashians. This is the episode where Kanye proposes. You cannot ruin that for me.


I've also learned that the beach is five seconds away. I guess I knew that, but I did not know how much a trip to the beach will unwind you after work. And I've learned what the air smells like in a beach town, right before it's about to rain. You know those Yankee Candles? Yeah, that. It smells like that minus the coconut and sunscreen. A few days ago, Ryan and I rode through town on his bike, under some seriously ominous looking clouds. He coasted slowly by the water and I inhaled so hard, literally telling myself over and over -- this is what my home smells like.

That's another thing. I doesn't feel real. We've vacationed so many times in Frankfort, and we're staying in the cottage still, so it just doesn't feel like this is real life. It's more like we're on vacation, but we have to work.

To that end,  the new job rocks. I'm exhausted every single night because I'm trying to learn a lot -- like maybe the entirety of four years of high school, only condensed into a few weeks. Maybe not, I'm exaggerating. -- but slowly, it's coming. I'm getting acclimated and comfortable and really just enjoying it. And while some days feel really difficult, I just remind myself that once, when I was 17, I learned to drive a stick. It was the worst summer of my life, but I figured it out (my Opa probably had about 2342 heart attacks in the passenger seat. If anyone's the victor, it's him) and to this day, that was the most difficult thing I've ever learned. Not much can beat that. So, that's promising, right?

PS- to my friends who know who they are --- MATCHING office furniture. For realsies.


Anyway, the busy doesn't end. Today we get to celebrate our nephew, Cameron, who graduated high school recently.

Congratulations Cam! The easiest part of your life is over! But now it gets fun, and crazy, and stressful. But mostly, fun. You're going to love this part.

It's weird. I met Cam when he was 12. Six years later, he's a grown man. He's the first person I've ever really watched grow up. I mean, really, go from a child, to weird teenager, to grown up adult with a job and a car and a business (that last part is real! Go here!). What's more weird, I was only a year older than him when I met Ryan. Kaboom. Mind blown. I'm done here.


So, last bit -- Ryan and I finally found a house! We signed our lease this week and we cannot wait to move it and really start getting settled. My shoes are in a laundry basket in my trunk and that, my friends, is a real tragedy. I like them lined up where I can love them every single day. I also just like having a home and I look so forward to really feeling like a local.

We searched for nearly two months and at the end, I'm so glad we held out for something perfect. Our new place is within walking distance of Lake Michigan. And when I say walking distance, I mean, like, five minutes, give or take. I'm a pretty ambitious walker, so I'm also willing to say that it's within walking distance of downtown Traverse City, but it will take longer than five minutes to get there. Most importantly, there is a Subway right around the block. That means I will always eat dinner, and that is meaningful to a girl who sometimes eats popcorn for meals because she doesn't want to drive across town to the grocery store.

We take possession on Monday and I can't wait to share more pictures (just wait 'til you see the purple kitchen. Yikes!) but for now:

Home sweet home --

Happy Saturday!
May your day be as happy as these dorks with a pinecone --

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