June Outtakes

by - 7:32 AM

So....there went June. Yikes.

I guess I could get over it if I wasn't facing so....there went 25 in a few weeks. Gosh, I hate the days when I wake up and just think "where did yesterday go?" Or worse, "where did last month go?" It's just disconcerting, you know?

My June was pretty well dedicated to flipping the world upside down and while there were a few weeks in there that felt like they would not move, somehow, here we are, staring July in the face. Oh, hi there July. You're here early. 


Stopping to take a look at June:


And that is where our June went, days lived somewhere between adventures of faux facial hair taking up residence on various locations of our family's faces. 

Thanks for being so good to us, June. See ya in '15. 

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  1. I can't believe it's gone either!!! Looks like you made lots of good memories while it was here though! :D