We're Moving

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I'm just going to come out with it: I'm actively getting older now, so I take vitamins. And fiber supplements. And if I'm feeling really health conscious -- fish oil. I wash it down with some coffee and call it good for the day. Bring on the McDonalds, because I'm armored up with more nutrients than I can pronounce.

Mostly though, I just take the vitamins. Preferably, the gummy kind, because there is something really magical about doing something good for yourself without any kind of discomfort. I mean, isn't that the typical formula? Good for you = sucks. But not gummy vitamins! It's like riding a carousel and getting the effects of going for a run. It just doesn't make sense!

Here's the problem with gummy vitamins -- they sort of feel like gummy bears. And sort of taste like them, too. You know exactly where I'm going with this.

I think I just ate 72 gummy vitamins because everything else I own is already packed and I can't grocery shop. And I'm hungry.

Gummy vitamins for every meal!


So, this week, Ryan and I are moving.

Well, kind of. We still don't have a place of our own, but we have a place to go and we are most definitely leaving the house in Lansing behind. I'll be honest -- I'm a little sad. I've loved this house ever since we moved in three years ago, and if I had the magical chance, I'd pack it up with the silverware and just go ahead and take it with me.

The house, it's this big brick contraption. Way too big for the two of us, but you know, when in Rome. It's in a historical neighborhood and might be haunted, but I've never spotted any ghosts (the dogs have, though). It's just --- it's a cool house. Big windows, wood floors, and rounded entry ways. I've really loved this home.

I'm not suggesting that it will be hard to leave this house -- a big adventure awaits us and I am soSO excited to begin a new phase -- but there are a lot of memories in this house and I will certainly always associate them with this home.

We have this neighbor, he drives a Porsche, and quite frankly, it's an ugly little thing. But I'm married to Old Ugly Car Police and when the neighb neglected to store his Porsche for the winter, choosing instead to simply cover it in his driveway, Ryan took that really personally. "I'm calling the Porsche police," he told me.  I'm pretty sure we'll be missed around here.

Speaking of --

How about the neighbors who verbally announced their dislike for us because we left a few bags of leaves by our driveway after the city had picked up everyone else's. You guys, they DO NOT LIKE US because of leaves. But they'll still try to sell us their kid's fundraiser stuff. And you know what, we'll buy it.

This is where we came home after we got married. And where I begged Ryan to "carry me over the threshold." And he did. Also, he bonked my head on the door.

Every single one of our dogs have run away from this house. Jack has taken the opportunity about a million times. Jake and Ralph, only twice. Only.

It's where we lost our Shake and Bake Jake. And, where I brought home Jacker Snacker.

It's where we lived when I graduated from college, got my first real job, and bought my first car.

Once, Ryan became violently ill in this house. I cleaned up his puke a couple of different times. And although I already knew it, I knew it more as I swished that mop around -- I really, really love this man.

This is the house where Jack stands on tables in order to look out the window. It's the house that's perfectly suited to Christmas lights. It's the house that permanently smells like a grandma. It's where I've cultivated my nail polish collection and Ryan has cultivated his car collection.

If I were more concise, which I've never achieved successfully, I would sum it all up as this : here, in this home, we have had a lot of joy. We have faced challenges that have brought me to my knees, but mostly, this place has housed happiness. And while I'm not sad to leave, I know I'll think about this house often.

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