Lent 2014 - The Final Count Down

by - 8:25 AM

This morning, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. It was 6:37 AM, birds were chirping and it was light outside.

Also, today is forecasted to hit 70 degrees.

It's Saturday.

I'm willing to suggest that it is going to be a very very good day.

In other news, I'm barely a week from a self-induced diabetic coma.

Yup. You probably know this already, but Lent is winding down, and my promise to God to abstain from candy is expiring. I've never actually been successful at Lent before, but somehow this year, I simulataneously remembered and practiced an unusual amount of self-control.

Not that I wasn't almost thwarted.

Ryan, my sweet sweet husband, who on occasion seeks to do nice things in a very simple way, knows that I love Twizzlers almost as much as I like being alive. A week ago, he proudly marched into our house, big ol' bag of Twizzlers in hand. "Look what I got for you!"  I wish you could've seen his face when he came in, he was clearly feeling like King Husband.

"No Ryan!" I cried. "I'm not eating candy! Remember?"
"Oh yeah. I forgot," he said kind of sadly. I started to feel bad for crushing his proud moment, but then he promptly stuffed a piece, whole, in his mouth and said "thwat shwucks."

So anyway, I did what any logical, creative thinking, sugar deprived and entirely desperate gal would do. I took a piece out of the bag, and sniffed it from end to end before passing it along for him to eat. We did this for a while. I inhaled, he consumed. That sucks, indeed.

It felt a little like ---

So close, but just not.
As a quick side note, when my Opa was living, if he saw you eating something that he knew you liked, he'd say "you don't like that! You put it under your nose!"

I mean, it was hilarious every time, and embarrassingly, I think I was 12 before I realized my mouth is under my nose.

I thought about my Opa as I literally took something that I loved, and put it under my freakin' nose. I know he would have given me crazy eyes. Oh Opa.

So, that experience was pretty sad. It shwucked, but please don't worry about me, Easter is coming.

GIF Illustration Happy Dog


Happy 70 degree Saturday, you guys!

PS - anyone who loves me, please buy me Peeps. I seek joy in my life.

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  1. Have you ever had chocolate covered Peeps?! GET ON IT!

  2. It's almost 70 here, too! Which means people start shedding their clothing as though we're in some heat wave. It's redic.
    Oh em gee the pug! I die.

  3. @Kristine - I hear you! In October, if we get 70 degrees, everyone's all "I love fall. I love sweatshirts! It's so cold, I better wear a scarf!" then in the spring, when it's 70, it's flip-flops (I'm totally guilty) and shorts, like its soooo blazing.

    @Amanda -- sooon MeeMee. Soon.