Good Friday

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A few days ago, someone asked me "if a book was written about your life, what would the title be?"

Hmm. Excellent question. Let me just think about the coolest and/or most impressive things I've done.

But then....word vomit.

Really and truly, I said, "The Girl Who Loved Candy" and I rattled off for a bit, Candy Crush, candy-candy, tootsie-rolls, etc.

I don't know if sugar withdrawals are real, but I hope so, because if they're not, I really need to consider reevaluating my life. When someone asks you a philosophical question that essentially equates to - what does your life mean, I would encourage you to have a better answer. I mean, really think on that. You need to be prepared. You might never be asked that question, but if you do, it's worth having something better than The Girl Who Loved Candy.

The girl who loved candy?!!?

I need Easter to get here in such a bad way.

So anyway, very few funny things happened to me this week, which is actually ideal. Most of the funny things in my life are ironically so. Specifically, they're only funny after I've had a few days to calm the tears and reflect on how funny it might have appeared to an outsider. Like that day I fell down the stairs. Not funny then, but kind of funny now.

I did, however, enjoy a delicious precursor to the diabetic coma waiting for me on Easter Sunday. Ryan's Grandma had a birthday last week and I ate my weight in brownies (baked goods don't count as candy!). I now know what it feels like to have sugar granules pulsing through my blood stream. I don't quite know how it's related, but I could barely keep my eyelids open. Like, they were heavy. From sugar.

As a fun side note, I married Senor Sassy-Pants, and while it's tough to see from the picture, there are only five candles on that meringue pie. After our second rendition of "Happy Birthday," he quips "yay Grandma! You're five years old!" His step-mother whips around and in perfect tune, sing-songs "they're all I hadddddd."

Busted, Sassy-Pants.

It was a perfect day for a birthday. The weather is really starting to perk up and it finally feels like spring. This kind of weather makes me kind of appreciate winter. 60 degrees feel just that much sweeter after four months of below zero arctic blasts. As you can see, April showers are real, but they held off until the evening.

Now, I make it my job to be best friends with, really, anyone who has a beach. It's a bonding factor, like something we have in common. "Oh you have a beach? What a coincidence! I love beaches. Also, I'm in the market for a new best friend."

Ryan's dad has a beach. We're best friends. Oh, what a coincidence!
Okay, I'm not a total jerk. We're also family, so that's valuable. But you know....beach!


Okay, to wrap things up: Happy Good Friday. Whether this day is meaningful to you, or not, I wish for you a truly good Friday. I hope you have the day off, because that quickly makes any Friday particularly good.

Today, I'm thinking of the sacrifice and being grateful for it.
Also, Peeps are only two days away. I'm grateful for that, too. 

If I don't see you before, Happy Easter!

PS - What is your autobiography titled?

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  1. Oh my goodness... that picture of his grandma blowing out the candles is too cute! :)