Easter Morning

by - 7:29 AM

If you're wondering -- yes, I am eating Peeps for breakfast.


So, very quickly, a story.

Yesterday I happened upon a stroke of genius (and a convenient sale) and decided to make chocolate dipped strawberries for Easter. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I colored that white chocolate orange in hopes that my strawberries would look like carrots. You know, for the Easter bunny.

Excellent and unusual news: it worked. Ahem, toot-toot.

Now, I should add, my Oma is staying with me for Easter. And as I swirled little ribbons of chocolate over my creation, I proudly exclaimed, "Oma! This is a big deal. Things almost never turn out how I hope they will in my kitchen."

She doesn't even bat a single eye. "Well, it's probably because I'm here."


Happy Easter! I hope your day is full of food and family, jelly-beans, and whatever you choose to celebrate.

On the third day, he rose again. 

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