Easter 2014

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My Oma, so thoughtfully, made me a cake for Easter. It was delicious.

Then, when she left, she didn't take it with her. Three-quarters of a cake left, and she didn't take it with her.

I think you know what that means: cake for breakfast. Cake for dinner. Cake for breakfast. Cake for dinner. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Oh and, cake for dessert. And for a snack.

I have been eating broccoli every day for lunch because it somehow makes me feel less bad about destroying my oral health. Still getting my greens, you know?

So, Easter.

I'm a firm believer -- if holidays were awesome as a kid, they're about a thousand billion times better when you're an adult. I struggled with this a bit at Christmas, but I've come to terms with adult holidays, and now, I really like them. Basically, every holiday is the same. I guess for kids, each holiday has very specific and individual connotations, but when you get older, everything is wrapped up in good food and, if you're lucky, good company.

If you're really lucky, a beach somehow enters the mix.

Also, candy is back in my life. I ate enough Twizzlers to make up entirely for the 40 days of Lent.

Oh yes, and I cut my hair. It's shorter than I intended, and my dear, sweet husband told me that I looked like a mushroom, but my feelings aren't hurt. I like it. Besides, it's just hair. It grows back.

Speaking of him --


On Easter Sunday, I took my Oma to church. She's always full of quips and I think just naturally sassy enough to always say what's on her mind. That often results in comments like, "your chocolate dipped strawberries were successful because I am here," and exasperated sighs of "fine Jennifer. It's your house."

In church on Sunday, she nearly made me laugh out loud when, as the offering plate made its way through the pews, she nudged me with her elbow and whispered, "I'm going to pay for my seat."

I must have raised my eyebrows because she immediately added, "well, they have to turn on the lights for me. I should contribute to the electric bill."


So, that was Easter.
And it was great.

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