Candy Crush: 5 Very Real Life Lessons

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Life Lessons from Candy Crush

So, as you know, Candy Crush nearly owned my entire vacation a couple of weeks ago. If there are any life lessons to be learned, the first one is this: addiction is real.

Now, I may be nursing my addiction with too much kindness, but I like to look for the good. Or at least, the imaginary good. The good that I can talk myself into believing is there. Candy crush is like that. I love it, not necessarily for it's life lessons, but I'll take 'em, because I look for the good.

1.) Start from the bottom. 
The work you do at the bottom directly impacts the top. Obviously when you're crushin', the matches you make at the bottom occasionally turn out some impressive consequential matches at the top. Suddenly there's special candy everywhere! Yes! Dreams come true! Life is like that too. You start at the bottom, and incredible things can happen consequently at the top. Real life special candy! Or promotions, whichever.

2.) Persistence.
Even if you've been on the same level for seven weeks, you keep playing because you know that, eventually, magic will happen and all the special candy will explode together, and you will conquer the level. In real life, if you keep at it, eventually the stars align and the special candy lines up and you just win. Maybe it's seven weeks, maybe it's seven years, but eventually, it happens.

3.) Strategy Vs. Good Luck.
Sometimes you have to waste good moves on stupid matches to create the environment for a five-candy link-up. Strategy, it's useful, and can win you some serious levels. But sometimes, it's pure dumb luck, and it does the exact same trick. Basically, sometimes you align your own stars. Sometimes the stars align themselves.

4.) Networking is Important.
Linking your Candy Crush game to Facebook can change the game. Suddenly you have competition, can compare your rank to your friends, and you can ask for stuff, like lives. Networking in life is important too, for the exact same reason: you never know what people are willing to give you. Jobs, for instance.

5.) Take breaks.
Maybe the greatest strategy for success that King came up with was the unavailability of infinite lives. You can't indulge your obsession immediately, and flush out the flame as quickly, because you get five lives and that's it. Maybe King knew that their game would be so addicting that they would need to force people to put it down, but whatever the reason, the life lesson is valuable. Take breaks. You'll burn yourself out if you're all hot and heavy on something and go at it full time. You'll douse your passions before they can really set fire. Take a break, take a breath, and when it's time (and full lives have returned) go back to it and persist.


Thoughts? Are there more hidden life lessons in this game, or am I just a wackadoo?
And a quick side-note: I didn't know that cool Candy Crush art could actually be a thing, but go here to see some very fun CC art!

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  1. I refuse to get on board with this game, so, I will take your word for it because these DO sound like very good lessons! :) haha

  2. I mean, don't even try it, Amanda. It's like the heroin of apps. Try it once and you're hooked for life.

  3. I couldn't agree more with this. Candy Crush is the bane of my existence. And also one of the main causes for my high anxiety level. Ha. ♥