God Bless the Weekend

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It's Saturday, thank you Jesus, because it has been a week. A week, like, one of those weeks.

Do you ever wake up and just feel clumsy? Like, immediately you crash out on something and realize, oh great, it's going to be like this today. Well, on Monday morning, I woke up clumsy and it's been like that all week. The good news though is if you're not me, it's really kind of funny.

(finally framed some prints I acquired several weeks ago. And just in time, I need those mantras.)

It all started on Monday when I spotted a gold Audi merge onto the highway in front of me. You know who has a gold Audi? My sister-in-law. And her little girls go to school in the same small town where I work. And, trust me when I say there are not a lot of gold Audi's cruising around that town. This all seems like perfectly reasonable evidence that the person driving that car would be my sister-in-law, right?

So, when I pass this Audi, I look over and see a woman with longish blonde hair, although her face is turned just so slightly that I can't see it. Only the sheet of long blonde hair, but whatever; Sara has long blonde hair and it's just the confirmation I need. I beep and wave.

You know exactly where this is going... the blonde driver turns to look and I quickly realize that I have no freakin' idea who she is, but I know that it's not Sara. Doesn't matter, I continue waving, like I do know her, because now she's confused, probably thinks she should know me and I'm willing to pass along the confused embarrassment. Beep-beep!

The week quickly escalated into a series of unfortunate, albeit truly minuscule and really just very annoying, events.

A snag on a sweater ripped my unsuspecting fingernail off my pinkie. It bled and hurt and I felt real tears well up in my eyes. On Tuesday, I biffed out on a patch of ice --- with an audience. Five minutes later, I was chatting with a co-worker when I smacked my head on her office door.

And then, the worst. My dog saw a ghost.

So, just to briefly set up the story -- I am really attempting to learn to use my DSLR in manual mode, rather than always taking pictures in automatic, and basically my dogs are the perfect subjects. They're in my house, they have unusual antics, and on occasion they actually smile. Anyway, I was clicking away when I snap this picture.

Fairly average, yes? Look at Ralph -- he appears pleasantly bored. Good enough.
But then,

Look at his eyes! What is over there!?!
He is no long pleasantly bored, he's downright stunned. Terrified, even. So....yikes.

You can imagine why I'd be paranoid now, right? So when I snap a picture of Jack and Jayco and even as I'm yelling, "dogs! Jack! Jake! Hellllooo Crazies!" and they don't even look my way.... I'm immediately convinced they're also viewing the dead.

Moving forward.

Happy March 1st! Another winter month officially checked off the annual list. I always believe that January and February are the most miserable months of the year, but if you can just get through them, you're home free. You guys,we're home free. Onward to summer!

In the meantime, spring break is coming up. We'll be embarking on our traditional trip to Arizona for the next couple of weeks. This year, however, we decided to do what we always talk about -- I get a free week off of work for the academic spring break, but I also took off the following week so we can spend closer to two weeks in the sun. Somehow, a week is never enough. This year, we're testing the theory that too much of a good thing is a great thing. 

You can read about our past adventures in Arizona here, here, here, here, and here


Okay, last thing, because I find this to be hilarious. 
Jack and his perch,:

It's the only way he can see out the front window, which is basically his favorite past-time, so he parks himself right there, all day everyday. 

Also, raise your hand if you think Jack sort of looks like a mop. 


Cheers to the weekend and the beginning of an officially spring month!

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  1. Oh my gosh I get so freaked out when my dog starts randomly barking/staring. Gotta be the freakiest thing EVER!!!
    Love those prints by the way!

  2. That was a very awkward moment, Jenn. On the other hand, I couldn't blame you. A golden Audi can easily catch attention, and I'm sure that's the reason why your sister choose that model. At least you didn't lose your poise and remained smiling at the lady. By the way, I think your dog is just mesmerized with his awesome reflection. Haha!

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru