The Day Noelle Pikas Pace Made My Valentine's Day (And Also Won A Silver Medal in Sochi)

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Let's begin with a cute story, shall we? Okay!

I like to buy things. Consumerism brings me joy. Mindless consumerism especially.

I'm not trying to pawn this off as the cute part, I promise.

Today as I was fulfilling my favorite commitment, the one to flagrant materialism, I witnessed the kind of heart melting fun that reminds you just what it's all about. I was leaving Kohls and my hands were empty, which was a little disappointing and explains why I was a little sad. When I am sad (and I can't read Harry Potter), I check Instagram because, for some reason, twee pictures of coffee and hipsterized mommy bloggers just really re-charge me. I was in the middle of that, when I heard the most insanely joyful and borderline maniacal laughter coming from across the parking lot.

One row over, a man who was really well dressed, which contributes to the fact that he may be one of the coolest fathers ever, was positively hauling ass while pushing a cart full of the world's happiest children. Then, true story, he hopped on the edge of the cart and they all went screaming through the parking lot for at least twenty car lengths. His coat was flying behind them like Superman's cape. Which, let's be honest, it was. That dude was superman.

Family. Is. Everything.

Speaking of family -- did anyone catch Noelle Pikas-Pace's Olympic win last night? If you missed it, she is an American women's Skeleton Racer and yesterday, she won the silver medal. That was pretty good to begin with and had all the makings of an Olympic climax. But then, she poured a full can of whip cream on the silver medal sundae. And shook sprinkles on it. And, for good measure, tossed a cherry on top.

As soon as her run was over, and I sincerely mean as soon as it was over, she hopped up and with one gaze, reminded the world of exactly what matters. Family. She found her husband in between a million other faces and immediately launched herself into the crowd. She climbed through the stands, pushed through a sea of people and hung on the edge of a railing, until her husband lifted her into his arms. Celebrating together, she screamed over and over -- we did it!

What a win on Valentine's Day.
Family is everything.
Love is everything.

Ryan and I aren't much for Valentine's Day. We really never have been. Sometimes we go out to eat, but it's more out of necessity. We're hungry.

But food really is our love language, so while some lovers exchange flowers and jewelry, we exchange digestible goods. I suggested to Ryan that perhaps the best and most effective way to tell someone that you love them is to inundate them with Conversation Hearts.

I guess he took me seriously, because when I got home, there were only about a hundred boxes on the kitchen table. I gave him Skittles and a card with hot sauce on it.

Food is how we show each other love.

And in a real romantic gesture, he made us a pizza for dinner. Cheese only because he really really loves me.

Ignore my face. The real magic is happening behind me.

I used to think that Valentine's Day was overrated, and maybe it can quickly become so, but I think it's nice to have a day to just celebrate the power of love. I don't need gifts or dramatic gestures -- there are other days for that -- but to have a day, once a year, where love is really celebrated and recognized? That's nice. I love this man, he loves me too, and our love could change the world forever.

Seriously, our descendant's destinies are still in the stars. We could be the parents of presidents and cancer curing doctors. Think of all the world changing possibilities. All because we loved each other.

Speaking of love, these two make me melt into puddles of cheesy swoons.


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  1. That pizza looks DIVINE!!!! GIVE ME ALL THE CHEESE!
    That story about the Olympian is adorable... gave me goosebumps! :)