Week Peek

by - 5:50 PM

First things first -- it's the first Week Peek of the new year. 
Now onto more important things.

Two weeks free from responsibility. Two weeks, free from distraction. Two weeks of Kelly and Michael every day.

In two days, it will come to an end and I'm still not motivated enough to do a load of laundry. I have to go back to work on Monday and even a new dress and new electric blue heels do not excite me enough to look forward to waking up when it's still dark outside. Ew.

I'm quietly and calmly trying to remind myself that I have a career that I enjoy and that's a blessing, but really -- 6am is very early.

Week Peek:

1.) Some of the best gifts are the ones you don't even know you wish for. My MIL knows me better than I know myself.
2.) Winter Candy Apple from B&BW. Lit in the early evening, just as it gets dark in my kitchen.
3.) We all watch The Today Show together. I stand because, you know, they get the couch.
4.) Pardon me -- I'm busy. For like, ever.


Well, my days of Desperate Housewives, Traverse City Pie Co. Cherry Pie and nighttime writing to Marina and the Diamonds are coming to a close. But let's focus on the real problem here -- they don't let me daytime drink at work and there will be no more mimosas with breakfast until spring break.

 So, the countdown begins.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Awesome!

    PS. We've a $75 Shoe Giveaway on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!

  2. Winter Candy Apple is one of my favorite B&BW scents! :)
    So hard to go back to work after a big chunk of time off, even if you like what you do! I feel you on that one little lady!

    1. Right!? I could be such a great stay-at-home-wife.

  3. The calligraphy book! I learned a bit before our wedding when I *thought I would do it myself. Wrong. but I did do the writing on our favors! :)

    1. I did a bunch of faux-calligraphy for my wedding and that's why I received the book as a gift :)