Positive Vibes

by - 4:18 PM

Like, seven days ago I made a commitment to be positive in 2014. I promised to be a candle in the freakin' dark. I promised to be a sprinkle on a garbage dump sundae. I promised to be the lone standing piece of glitter on a chipped and dying manicure.

So, I'm going to go ahead and focus on the positives just now.

I'm not going to focus on my car battery dying on Tuesday. I'm not going to focus on the time I spent trying to jump said dead battery with the also dead battery inside my husband's car.
I'm not going to focus on the fact that my husband is skiing in what might as well be the Swiss friggin' Alps during the biggest snow fall in my 25-year-old memory.
I'm forgetting that the plow truck came by my house in the middle of the night and blocked me into my freshly shoveled driveway. I'm not going to tell you that I didn't notice that little frozen mountain of snow until about 30 seconds before I had to leave for work. (Oh whoops, guess I just did.)
I'm also not going to dwell upon the fact that I re-shoveled myself out in my heels and dress pants.

Furthermore, I'm forgetting the recent shenanigans of Christmas. 

Here's what I am focusing on.

How cute Ralphers looks in socks. And how hilarious it is that he hates and them and shakes like Miley Cyrus, when's she most addled by crystal meth, seizures, and so-called twerking.

I'm going to focus on Mason jars (how twee and hipster am I?!) filled with hot hot hot tomato soup. We're talking steamy wisps. Oh, and garlic bread, because that's just good to focus on.

I'm focusing on additions to the family ---- er, collection.
hello, you.

Nail polish

I'm focusing on the snow. Yes, the snow. It was pretty and it called for a productive work-from-home-day. I just work better when Kelly and Michael are chatting in the background. 


To be fair, I had plenty to do. 


Sending you positive vibes! Happy Thursday. 
Psst. Tomorrow's Friday. How's that for positivity?

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