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"Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?"

Shrug. "I.....fill a tumbler with Maker's Mark and see where the night goes." 

I make resolutions every year for New Years. Some appear year after year (exercise more, eat healthfully, etc), unfulfilled and forgotten past the 17th of January, but then, some manage to make their way into routine and fill up the days between January and December. I create a list of things I want to change in my life and take the risk that most will fall off my radar in a few weeks, but that one, even just the one, will hold on tight and change me. 

Last year, I made a commitment to write at least one single sentence every single day. I bought a crisp new notebook and everyday, just wrote one sentence of the days events. I put the notebook on my nightstand as a reminder -- what did you do today?

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And in the list of resolutions I made last year, this is the one that stuck.I'm so glad that it did. Last night, on the last day of 2013, I read through an entire year's worth of memories. 

Some days, were mundane. On January 26, 2013, I wrote "Did nothing all day. It was majestic." On February 2, 2013, I wrote "Kitchen sink drain is clogged. Yikes." 

But then, there were days like August 8th when I wrote "Riley was born at 3:10 am today" and August 24th -- "We're married!"

It was such a joy to be reminded of the exact date that I experienced life changes. I documented pregnancies and childbirth, marriage and a new friend. On April 27th, I celebrated my best friend getting a new job and moving closeby. 

And if there was ever a year that I would want to document to the fullest, it was 2013. This resolution became a life routine, and will continue into 2014. 

As always, I've made several resolutions for this year, but this time, as I wrote my list, I added a set of parenthesis after each resolution. (The Reason.) 

Things like, 1.) Drink more water (for my health). and 2.) Unplug after 6pm (to create present memories). 

New Year's Resolutions

I've made a commitment to read the Bible in its entirety (to make informed decisions about why I believe what I do) and write more frequently (for my future) and save more money (for a rainy day). I've made resolutions for my marriage and to fuel creativity. I've made resolutions that are goals and I hope to see them through. I know that some will fall away, forgotten, but I'm excited to see where I am a year from now and how I've actively changed my life in the meantime. 

Happy New Year, all. May this year be filled with love and friendships. May it be saturated in success. May you meet the struggles that guide you towards growth and learning. And finally, let's all get stupid rich this year.

Welcome, 2014. 

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