Week Peek 12.28

by - 10:25 AM

The last week peek of the year. The last week peek of the year. 
Where did 2013 go?

Our week --

1.) When I am an old woman, surely I will tell my grandchildren about the ice storm  in 2013.
2.) And the subsequent sleepover of 2013.
3.) Raccoon slippers.
4.) Tommy Boy on Christmas Eve.
5.) The traditional Christmas meal.....of Cheerios. In other news, Ryan is a great uncle. And not 'great' as in wonderful (although he is that too) but 'great' as in generations removed. What I'm saying is - he's an old man.


I hope your holiday rocked. I'll be back tomorrow.

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  1. I love all you photos and the captions at the bottom to go along with them! Ice storms can be such a headache but that first picture is stunning!