Across the Table

by - 10:02 AM

It's Sunday and I'm officially exhausting the last day of what has felt like five Saturdays in a solid row. Every Monday, I think to myself, I just need one more weekend day. Folks, that's a lie. I need seven more weekend days. I've had five days off and I feel like they just sort of, went. They're already gone. Whoosh.


What I'm Reading: Nothing. So..... 

What I'm Doing in the Meantime: Well, I made popcorn balls. And I decorated my house for Christmas (!!!). I invited my Oma to join me for Thanksgiving and the next day, she mopped my floors while I cleaned up the kitchen. Dream team. Also,she's getting more invites.

I could have been productive this weekend, but I wasn't. I watched the Macy parade instead.

Speaking of TV, What I'm Watching: White Christmas and Holiday Inn -- my two favorite Christmas flicks. I've watched them on repeat for the last five days. I'll throw The Grinch and Home Alone in there eventually, but only when I get bored of Bing's voice. And um, that's never.

Quick highlights -- Having coffee with my Oma three days in a row. Christmas music. Food babies. Watching the lights go up around our neighborhood. The season's first Christmas gathering today. New blog discovery. New wine discovery. Looove. Dreaming about the future. Prowling for fun Christmas nail art.

That's all for now. I'm struggling to write lately, but I'll be back tomorrow with Thanksgiving musings.

Happy Sunday (or Saturday 5.0)

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