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What a week. A few highs complemented a couple of lows, but mostly it was a success. We got our first snow of the season, though it quickly disappeared. There's something special about the first snow. It might be the only snowfall of the year that doesn't make me sad -- rather it's an indicator of what's about to come. It's the holiday season.

What I'm Reading: First, let me touch on The Paris Wife, which was wonderful. I couldn't put it down, and it's been a while since I've been so called to read something. Called, as in, oh jeez, it's 7pm, I could eat dinner and watch Jeopardy and maybe call my husband or do something productive.......or I could read. 10 times out of 10, I read. I just finished that up on Friday night and so technically I'm into a new book, The Kite Runner, which I've been told many times by multiple sources, is a fantastic read, I'm really only on page 4-ish. I'm looking forward to getting into that this week. To be honest, I've heard that it's great, but I've been putting off reading it for a long time. I bought it months ago when it turned up at Goodwill, but for whatever reason, it always ends up on the bottom of my book pile. The time has come, I guess. I'm hear to find out what all the fuss is about.

A Quick List of Highs: A quiet reconciliation. Successful cooking adventure. That's right, successful. A couple of really fun work successes. The Radio City Rockettes Christmas Special on Netflix. Gum Drop scented wax melts at Walmart. My house is decorated for fall and Thanksgiving, but it smells like Santa's workshop. Speaking of Christmas, I initiated a therapeutic furniture rearrangement to make room for the tree that will soon sparkle in my living room.

A Quick List of Lows: Emotional tears and being a big baby. Also, Ry's been gone all week and in retaliation, I guess I gave up sleep. I woke up at 2 or 3am, eyes wide open, every morning for the last four days. Can. Not. Sleep. And there's nothing good on TV at 4am. Nothing. The picture above of my puppies sleeping at 3am is an indication of my jealousy that they can sleep and I cannot. Anyway, this should go on the "highs" list, but it's resolution for my all of my lows, so the good news here is that the boss man will be home in a few hours.

As a Side Note: I told someone, in all seriousness, that I'm "not sure my 10-year old believes in Santa anymore. So sadsies." They don't know that my "10-year old" is a German Shepherd who's never heard of Santa. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

Highlight of the Week: Mamma Mia with three of my favorite girls. Totally unrelated, I have decided to pursue a future in singing and dancing and I'd like my husband to join so that we may break out in spontaneous song while doing the dishes or grocery shopping. Also, every step we take will be choreographed.

Happy Sunday!

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