Across the Table

by - 10:17 AM

It's fall here.

What I'm reading: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Remember how I said last week that I wanted to have an experience. Well, I'm having an experience. This book is good. Better yet, I swooped up a copy at Goodwill for a quarter. Bazinga!

My Favorite Indulgence: Well, there are several, really. This time of year, however, it's all things Christmas. I feel slightly guilty, as though I'm indulging to early -- tasting the cake before the party -- but then I just can't help myself. So, I pulled out Manheim Steamroller and watched Mickey's Christmas. I'm saving my favorite Christmas stuff for December, but I'm dabbling here and there.

CD on Repeat: Ellie Goulding, Lights. I kind of forgot I have that CD, but then I let my disc changer run to the next CD and boom! There she was. I haven't listened to that CD since the summer before last. It's like all the songs are new again, yet deliciously familiar.

Nanowrino: I've stalled. I spent all of Wednesday night catching up, writing 7,000 words in a day. I knew Thursday would be perilous and I just never made it a priority the last two days. Looks like tonight is going to be another couple thousand word throwdown. For the record, I'm at 9,045 words.

Four Simple Goals Update: One cannot humbly say "I'm a better friend," so I won't. But I have cognitively made efforts to be more thoughtful of my friendships. I spent time with my bestie, the Officer and cultivated my best friendship, my marriage, with my husband. I've read. I've been positive. I've reaped the rewards of positivity. Thinking creatively might be on the back burner. But, you know, Nanowrimo.

The highlight of my week: Spaghetti with my husband, who cooks. Bless him.

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