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Sunday again, because time doesn't only fly when you're having fun. It blazes from the minute you realize that you only have one life. That's when time sets itself on fire.

Ryan's out on a fishing trip and I've got the house to myself this weekend. I indulged in a lazy Saturday that included only one productive project -- my house was cleaned by 9:44 am. Fall has unceremoniously switched over to winter and it's too cozy in my house to leave without a good reason. Besides, October is dedicated to living in my car and I like to stretch my legs on the weekend.

What I'm Watching: If I'm honest, I have considered, maybe even craved, breaking out the Christmas movies. When it's cold, I like to feel cozy and festive. I haven't yet, but I did immediately put on the search for Halloween movies that are more cute than scary. Alvin and his Wolfman is playing right now, but Scooby Doo and ParaNorman owned the day yesterday.

What's on My Night Stand: The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan. It's not great, but it's not necessarily awful. I usually fall hard for historical fiction, but the plot in this one feels a little too easy for my taste. In any case, it's entertaining and once I start a book, I feel guilty if I don't follow through on it. I'll finish this one and then give it a nice, warm place on my bookshelf.

What I'm Looking Forward To: The holidays. The warm fuzzies. The snugly goodness of  hot chocolate and Charlie Brown. Spending countless hours with the Grizwolds as I watch and rewatch and rewatch again "Christmas Vacation." Knitted socks and big band orchestras playing Sleigh Ride. Parades. Silver bells. A Christmas Carol. And the food. Oh, the food.
But, this is the first year without my Opa and his presence will be so missed.

What's on My Agenda for the Week: One last, final travel day. I'll be out an about on a couple more dates in November, but Monday is my only lingering day on the road for traditional admissions travel. Thursday is Halloween and I don't have definite plans yet, but I do have a sparkly spider necklace and I feel confident something fun will present itself. A few major work things are scheduled for this week, and I have a writing deadline to meet by Friday. In my personal life, I have a creative project planned. I'm working on pet portraits and I'd like to see them hanging on my wall by the weekend.

The Highlight of My Week: Dinner with this gal.

Have a great week!

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