Across the Table

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Casa Hodges is under quarantine this weekend. I started to feel slightly....questionable...on Friday afternoon and I made the mistake of admitting this to my husband who promptly blamed me for his suddenly questionable aches.

I was driving to Olivet when I heard on the radio that Saturday could quite possibly be the last weirdly nice day we have this fall. Oh, there's more pleasant days in front of us, but the weather chick on Channel 10 warned that 80 -degrees might be done until next summer. Sunshine, t-shirt weather and two adult sickies. Ryan and I did not enjoy the beautiful weather. We enjoyed our couch, our TV and our NyQuil PM.


What I'm craving -- A new camera. A real, DSLR camera. I've been frustrating myself for more than a year, trying to get great pictures with a mediocre camera. My current camera was a gift and I love it, but I'm so ready to have the technology to back up my vision. The thing is, you cannot compare what a point and shoot takes to what a DSLR takes and I've been trying for nearly 12 months.

What I'm making -- Ryan and I received a really great cookbook full of slowcooker recipes as a wedding gift. That's my kind of cooking, especially this time of year, so last night while Ryan and I were being supreme sickies on the couch, I perused the book in its entirety. I've already made a white chicken pumpkin chili twice from the book, but today I'm going to try the applesauce recipe. Apples are cheap this time of year and I picked up four pounds for $2.50 and I've been making like Johnny Appleseed, eating them round the clock to get rid of them before they go bad. Applesauce sounds like a good solution, and if nothing else, it'll make my house smell divinely autumn-ish.

What I'm ordering at Starbucks -- Cappuccino. Every time. I used to be a barista at an unnamed local coffee place and there was this horrible, awful, completely mean man who would come in at various times of the day and request an extra dry cap. When you handed him his order, he'd lift the cup and make a subjective decision whether it was light enough. If not, he'd slam it down angrily and tell you to try again while rolling his eyes. He was not nice. Seeing his car pull into the parking lot would stress me out, but I ended up drinking a lot of the cappuccinos that he deemed unworthy. I became an addict.

What I'm watching -- Once Upon A Time. My nieces got me hooked on this show and I've blown through the first couple seasons in a matter of two weeks. I.Can.Not.Stop. It's so engaging. PS - Snow and Charming just got engaged in real life. Talk about happy ending.


Speaking of nieces --
Happy 12th birthday to the turkey on the right. Love you love you love you!

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