A Whole Lotta Nothin'

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This morning I called my Oma and we had one of those fabulous conversations that I craved three-ish months ago. Nothing special, I guess, but it's the kind of chit-chat you can only have with someone you actually really enjoy shooting the..ahem..breeze with. It went a little like --

"Good Morning, how are you?
"Good! What's new?"
"Nothin'. What's new with you?"

Nothin'. I really had to crank the gears in my brain (PS at 8 am) to think of something to talk about. Nearly a month ago, when I was under a thousand pounds of wedding pressure and every single one of my conversations was a circular racetrack of things to remember, things to discuss, things to get opinions on, all I ever dreamed about was a conversation (and maybe a life) to which there was "nothin'" going on.

This is "Merica, folks, and dreams come true. This morning, I had nothin' and was it ever delicious.

It's been nearly a month since the whirlwind of wedding stuff has tornadoed through our house and now, I can safely say, at the Casa Hodges, we've been delighting in and enjoying the s-l-o-w life. The small things, you could say.

Like fall. Welcome, you're here now. It's fall. Deuces, summertime.
But we couldn't let summer hit the road without a proper goodbye. And anyway, we like boats. And beer.

And ice cream.
We really like ice cream.

And now it can be fall.

Or rather, one baby. But she is beautiful and growing and so so so wonderful. She looks up into my eyes when I hold her and I love to believe that she remembers me.

These pictures were caught during my intensive get-the-baby-to-burp process. I felt like I was beating the bejesus out of this child (which, be chill, I wasn't. I had the full approval of her mother as I thumped) and still, not a burp.

Then she barfed.

The weekend.
A certain gluten free little lady spent her Saturday with me. We shopped, we ate cheesecake, we made gluten free cookies, we painted our tootsies. We did so much nothin' -- it was wonderful.

I finally got my hands on a delish oxford red lipgloss, which I've been craving ever since the Fall Fashion issues came out a month ago. He-He secured herself a frosty pink after much deliberation.

See? We take our lip accessories very seriously.

Last Car Show of the Year
Right? Right!?


All this "nothin'" made Ry and I very tired. We were out cold at 6 p.m. on Sunday night. True story.
Nothin' is nice. Like, really nice. Really, really nice. It likes to travel light, with only ice cream and serious TV time in it's suitcase. And you know, that's my kinda suitcase.

This week I'm off to a whole lotta something. My job's travel season is here and I'm on the road starting tomorrow. Detroit, I'll see you in a few hours. Blog, if last year is any indication, I'll see you in a few weeks.

Just kidding! Not.

Some outtakes from our weekend:

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