Sisters: Version 2.0

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On a warm day, at the end of July 1988, I became a sister.

I was born as much, with a brother and sister preceding me in ordinal position and therefore awarding me immediately the title "sibling." I never craved a sister, never imagined what it would be like to have one and never begged for one. I had all the rights of sisterhood - the fighting, the gossiping, the clothes begging, borrowing and stealing - from the beginning and while I didn't always know how very blessed I was, by adulthood I was counting my sis as one of my bestfriends.

My niece, on the other hand, very verbally dreamed of classic sisterhood. I'd like to think she saw the interactions between her mother and I -- and recognized them as a consequence of being sisters -- and hoped for a similar bond. I don't know if she is old enough to have thoughts like that, but she's surprised me before and I wouldn't put it past her.

She wanted a baby sister. Someone with whom to play and argue. A partner-in-crime. A sharer of clothes. All the rocking' things that sisters are -- she wanted. Bad. 

I remember with joy, the day I learned that Adelly was getting just that -- a sister. I cried real tears because I was so filled with happiness and excitement for her. Because of my own sister, I knew what Adelly was getting and what she could look forward to. Being a sibling is special. It's a bond that nothing and nobody else can recreate. It's fighting and getting over it and pretending it never happened. It's looking at each other and knowing immediately, what the other is thinking. It's loving the other's children like your own. It's so many things, and all of them are good. 

I promise you, she will never be the same. 

A birth deserves to be celebrated, but so does sisterhood. These two little girls -- who knows, they could be so different -- but nothing will change their relationship. If they are very lucky, they will grow up to be best friends and nothing, not boyfriends, not bad hair days, not a clashing taste in music, will make a difference when it comes to their bond. They will know each other so well, like it or not. 

That's what sisterhood is. Congratulations, Adelly. This is your day, too. You're a big sister. 
Go forth and be the boss. 
(not that that will ever be an issue!)


Now to fulfill another craving -- baby pictures!

Where, oh where, does the time ago. Nearly a week already. 

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