Raise your hand if this surprises you: Ryan's adding to our vehicle family. No hands? Nobody?

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A couple of weeks ago, I agreed to spend forever with my best friend. We figured, we've already got five years under our belts, so what's another hundred more?

Anyway, that was days and days ago.

But then today, to-freaking-day, he said these words, "my fiancé."

Now, granted, they went along the phrase "....is crazy," but I'm an optimist, and a word lover, and I very nearly fell apart at the sound of the magical words that crossed over his lips.

Oh you....

Oh yes, this is a happy week. The happiest kind of week. Folks, we're on vacation.
Now, I'm a firm believer in using one's resources. Up North, Michigan, for instance. It's right there. Right freaking there....a couple hours drive and your in vacay-land. It's this mystical place where the sun shines and the heat turns on for no other reason than because there's a beach just a hot minute away. You can have a cold beer at 11 a.m. and eat s'mores for every meal. Know why? 'Cause you're up north and it's vacation.
I woke up this morning. Hm, nothing I have to do. I don't have to shower. I don't have to iron a crease into slacks. I don't have to choose shoes. I love my shoes, I really do, but up north, it's barefoot time, and what's cuter than pink tootsies in the sand? Even my girl, Vera Wang, can't compete with that.
What's up, blue nail polish.
So this will be a short one because as much as I don't have anything to do, I've got TONS of stuff to do. On the agenda today: put the boat on the hitch, cart it out to Crystal Lake, and lay there allllll day long. New book, check. Fat girl snacks, check. Sunscreen, check. Bazinga.
Oh and PS, we fetched ourselves a little Stella scooter with a sidecar. No big deal or anything, but everyone does stare when we cruise through town. Could just be the cuteness that is Jack Spaniel, peeking his face out around the guard and enjoying the wind in his hair.



Happy 3rd day of summer!

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