We Made It

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Saturday Morning: Lansing, MI
40-ish degrees. Snow on the ground. A rare sun sighting.


This will be a brief post, but I couldn't go away for a week of vacation without an adequate au revoir.
Which, naturally, included a pre-vay-cay manicure.
Perhaps my favorite way to prepare for a week off is by having my nails painted an absurdly non-work appropriate shade of vineyard grape.
All hail the neon trend.  

P.S - if you're interested, I'm wearing Avon Matte polish - Inky Blue - on my fingernails. I don't like matte, so I cover it in a slick coat of shiny. And a shout-out to my Mama: Thanks for the avon polish that is my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e.
 My tootsies are decorated in Essie - Tart Deco- which goes nicely with gold. I use a gold sharpie to color designs on them so I can feel like a pro.

Call me superficial. I don't care. A fresh mani-pedi puts me in a vacation state of mind and I like it.
Anyway, back to more important things.
Like,say, a developing human life?
Deanna is officially sporting a visible baby-bump.
There's a person in there. A person, you guys. Someone who might write books or cure cancer.
Someone who will somehow change the world.
Someone who will immediately change our world. 

So, we had baby loving. But we also had kid loving and puppy loving.
Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that God made dogs and he was thoughtful enough to make them the world's most patience sporting animals in life.

It gave my favorite kid her favorite friend.
A girl and her dog. 

Men and puppies. Or rather, this man and puppies.
Slays me every time.
I find him relatively perfect.

Anyway. After a 6-hour journey, we made it.
Hello, Arizona.

We've missed you, so.

And now, for a recap.
Sunday morning: Sun City, AZ
A promise for 75-ish degrees. Zero snow. Non-stop sun.

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