The Last Day

by - 5:53 PM

A week ago, I woke up with the sun in my eyes. I smiled, turned over, got really close to Ryan and whispered in his ear, "we're on vacation."
His eyes were closed, but he smiled too and nodded his head. "Yes, we are," he mumbled kind of tiredly, but mostly cheerfully.
Today, I woke up with the sun in my eyes. I peeked at the glare coming in through the window and immediately launched myself from the bed. "It's our last day of vacation," I whined, when Ryan opened one eye and gave me a strange look.  He pulled the blanket up to his chin and did not cheerfully mumble. Boo-hoo. At least we're on the same page. The last day of vacay sucks.
Anyway, so I made myself a cup of coffee and brought it outside to sit in the sun one last time. One final morning having breakfast on the deck, knowing the entire time that it could be months before I'm able to do as much in Michigan. Our state is weird. It could be two weeks, or it could be four months. The hot is coming, but who knows when. It could be July before I'm drinking coffee outside in the morning sun.
That's painful to think about.
 And so, I savored.
I'm going to write a solid post in the next couple of days---I don't want to write until I'm ready and I have plenty of time (oh hey! I have a long flight coming up.) but in the meantime, here's a look at our week in Arizona.

Later today, we'll board an airplane and head back to the chilly-billy.
Until then, we'll be savoring. On the agenda? A fro-yo date, a final mountain (okay, large hill) hike and St. Patty's boiled dinner.
So yes, we're headed back to Michigan today.
But right now, that feels like a hundred years away.
Oh, and PS. I've decided to become retired. Like, right now. My new career goal is to be a snowbird.
Oh yeah. 

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