Arizona Love

by - 11:31 AM

It's Friday. I've got barely three days of vacation left and so this is going to be a short one, but I had to update my Oma. And so...
I can't focus out here. There's too much cool stuff going on and I love it all.
Like how I love the smell of a fired up grill.

I love when Ryan cooks.


I love when Ryan says nonchalantly and out of the blue, "hey Jennifer, you wanna go for a ride?"
And I love not thinking twice and swinging myself around his body on the back of a motorcycle and taking off right freaking now.

I love how pictures of us either look like this

 Or this
 (to be fair, the first one is while we're cruising down the street on a Harley, so I'll give him a pass on not smiling. I think he's probably trying to drive)
I love when the sky looks like this

I love reflection selfies, because hey, I was there too.

I love how, doesn't matter where we are, Ryan does his thing.
We're Land Cruiser owners, again.


I love that, sometimes, in the middle of a desert, you find a carousel.


I love that there are always mountains in the background.
I do not love that it is nearly impossible to take a photograph that does them any kind of justice.  

Finally, I love that I chose a man that will jump on the back of a blazing hot, metal Komodo dragon with me, anytime, any place.

This blessed life.
Sometimes I can't believe it's real. What's more, I can't believe I get to life it.

But, I love it.

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