Adellia's Announcement

by - 2:11 PM

Eight years ago, I stood in a cold lobby, clutching a curly corded phone in my sweating hands.
I was about ten seconds away from a joyful shriek that was a pitch only dogs can hear.

"I'm pregnant," my sister said into the phone, a bazillion miles away. I felt the hot rush of excited adrenaline pulse all the way to the tips of my fingers as though she'd made her announcement right there, right where I was, right in that lobby.
"I'm having a baby."

30-odd weeks later, we welcomed the sweetest little girl into our family.

Today, that little girl has an announcement of her own.

This summer, this little lady is going to be a big sister.
She's planning on a baby sister, if you're interested.

Congratulations to the growing family!

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