Jenn, 30.
Sales Rep. by day. Writer by all the time. 

I'm your standard millennial: I'm entitled, live in my parent's basement and have $274,000,000 in student loan debt.

Just kidding. But I am a little whiny. Mostly though, I'm a mom just sort of winging it, writing about the things I hope time will quickly transform into memories that I can laugh at

I like writing early in the morning and listening to Lana Del Rey. I really like triple scoop chocolate dipped waffle cones filled with peppermint ice cream. I believe in the holiness of a fresh manicure. I enjoy novels written by Wally Lamb and Betty Smith. And equally, those by Stephen King. I love a man named Ryan. I have 3 dogs, a busy baby boy, and a house full of dog hair and dirt.

If I could sum up myself in one sentence, I'd say everything's a big deal to me -- because that's pretty much the truth. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for coming back.