Enjoying the Little Things: Part One

by - 7:03 PM

Last night, I went on a lengthy walk with my best friend. Our dogs trotted in front of us, pulling enthusiastically on their leashes, while we talked. Two hours passed while we went over nearly five years (can you believe?!) worth of separation conversation. Our relationships, our careers, our plans for the future...it all came up in some varying way and the entire time, I was clicking my mental flash, and telling myself -- I'm making memories.

One of the reasons I keep this blog is because I like living my life and having the opportunity to come back to those memories and process them. Writing is how I think, and writing is how I find meaningful lessons in my day-to-day activities. My life is admittedly not an After School Special, and thank God for that,  so my "lessons" are rarely profound. Sometimes the lesson is always keep a sweatshirt in your trunk or, one that's taken a while to stick: you are not, never have been, never will be, immune to mosquitoes, or even,  when it rains, don't wear velvet or, most importantly, you are not twelve and this is not 1998. do not wear velvet ever.

But sometimes, I do get good stuff. Stuff like good company and good coffee make for a good day and family is everything and of course, the resounding lesson -- it's the small things that make life magical.

Car rides are my favorite place to think, and quite honestly, write. Thank you Apple, for including a voice activated notepad on your iPhone. You were thinking of us writers, weren't you? This weekend, as I hit the highway for the 45 minute drive home from Grand Rapids, I ruminated on the lackadaisical day I spent with my sister and niece. Then, last night, I did the same, coming home from KJ's house on the other side of town while my puppy snored in the back seat.

And what I got from last night and this weekend was this: sometimes, it's okay to let life lessons just....rest.

It's valuable to sit back and enjoy what's coming at you.
There is merit in letting life just sort of happen, in enjoying the little things and not being so damn worried about making memories that stick.

If they're necessary ten years from now, they'll be there, and in the meantime, just enjoy the slow moments.

Just enjoy the living.

As much as the remembering is important, and it is, the living is more important. Who cares if you can remember it, if you didn't enjoy it in the moment.

This weekend was low-key. So was last night. Both included a lot of conversation. There was excitement and cheer. There was serious discussion and there was thought collecting, but mainly, there was time spent together. With the people I adore.

And that's what memories worth having are made of.

So, in the past several days, I didn't learn anything life shattering. No profound life lessons for this gal, but there was a solid flow of living slowly and sumptuously and taking it all in. Inhaling deeply and taking tiny sips.

Enjoy the little things.

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