Do Wednesdays Usually Rock This Hard?

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Five years ago, I did this thing that still probably counts as my craziest decision ever. Like, ever ever. Five years ago,  I fell in love and impulsively moved in with my boyfriend. The move took me nearly two hours away from everyone I knew, everything I knew and most everything I loved. But, I love him most, so it made up for a lot of it.

The thing that sucked was that all of my family and most of my friends were still parked in my hometown. And I kind of missed them. I missed seeing a set of ominous clouds in the sky and anticipating a call from my friend, Kelsey, who could be counted on to invite all of our friends over to watch a thunderstorm on her parent's front porch. I missed hearing my other friend, Bart, beep his horn every time he drove by my house. I missed hot tub parties and Taco Bell trips at midnight. I missed running down a giant hill and arriving at my friend James' front door. I missed Stephanie's trampoline and watching Desperate Housewives at KTB's.

I missed alot, but waking up to my best friend was worth all of it, every minute, without a doubt. Five years older and hopefully a little wiser, moving far away and so quickly is not a decision I would be quite as apt to make so impulsively today, but five years ago, luckily I wasn't so apprehensive, because I know I made the right decision. Jumping face first, without a life-jacket, was the best crazy decision I ever made. I chose to cultivate the relationship that defines my life -- a life defining decision that I would make over and over again.

But...I missed my friends.


I was sixteen when I met Kelsey. It was our first day of school and I was the brand spankin' new girl. I had just transferred from a significantly smaller school and I remember feeling so inexplicably overwhelmed by the bajillions of people swarming around me.

I will never ever forget the day I met Kelsey. Our friend, Mary Grace, was a member of the student council and, for my first day at my new school, she'd taken me under her wing. Lunch time was this enormous thing that had me considering suicide -- there were so many people -- but MG kindly led me to a table where her friends were sitting. That's where I met Kelsey.

Now, let me tell you about Kelsey. She has this very dominant personality. She speaks with authority. She lays the smack down. Hard. Simultaneously she is the friendliest, most genuine, and social person I know. She immediately talked to me like a friend. Within five minutes, she'd invited me to hang out with her. Not in a you-can-come-if-you-want kind of way, but more like you-should-come! Then she gave me a piece of her cookie, because everyone knows that's how you make friends and making friends is Kelsey's business.

She was my first friend in a place where I knew nobody.


Five years ago, I moved away. And in the years that have since passed, all of our friends have trickled in a hundred different directions as well. People got jobs. People got married. Our lives kind of took over.
But then, yesterday brought news that rocked out a Wednesday afternoon harder than any Wednesday afternoon in all the history of the world.

Two things. First, my bestie, who deserves every good thing that comes her way, officially got her dream job.
Second, her dream job is located in my neighborhood.

You guys. This is huge. For the first time in FIVE YEARS, my friend will live roughly ten minutes away. It's like, circa 2007, all over again.

There are margaritas to drink, storms to watch, and puppies who will become as good of friends as their moms. This is happening. It's taking place. There are a lot of things to say, excited emotions that cannot even be put into concise words, but if I have to say anything, it's this:

Capital City, prepare yourself. KJ is coming to town.

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