I Like Peeps.

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It's Good Friday. A Friday that is officially labeled good, although I typically find all Fridays to be good in nature, specifically in their location so close to Saturday, which I also find good. That is to say, I love all Fridays and always find them to be good. But hell, I'm an optimist.

I know that this day has hugely symbolic and traditional meaning, but for me, it's a day off from work. I woke up this morning without an alarm. I drank two pots of coffee. I watched the entirety of the Today Show (coming to me from studio 28 with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie!) and then I watched Kelly and Michael. Then I bleached portions of my hair in hopes that it would become ombre'ed. While the skin on my neck began to burn, I ombre'ed my fingernails. Mainly, though, I putzed around and it was glorious. This kind of morning, with a Saturday feel but on a Friday, in itself, is a giant blessing and I'll take it, even if it didn't come in a fake grassed lined pastel colored Easter basket.

Easter, now there's something I get. I was pouring myself the one-hundredth cup of coffee this morning when I remembered that if today is Good Friday, then Sunday is Easter. Now, I have a well cultivated and self-recognized proclivity for over thinking things, but as I stood in my kitchen, mindlessly stirring my coffee into a delicious whirlpool of creamer and too much aspartame, I realized how very much things had changed since last Easter.

Last Easter, my sister held a reasonably nice family get-together. That was the first change. It was beautiful on Easter 2012. Hot even. So, there's that --rather noticeable and heartbreaking change. But more importantly and significantly more drastic: last year, nobody was pregnant. Nobody was getting married. Nobody was getting a sister.

In my advancing age, it ---holy shit, the ice cream man just came cruising through my neighborhood-- anyway, in my advancing age (that's sarcasm, but really) I have become all the more aware of how much can change in a year. Deanna got married last summer. She also got pregnant. My brother's wife recently announced their brewing addition to our family. Last year, they were practically my neighbors when you compare their new living arrangement, a bazillion miles away. I graduated from college. This time, last year, none of that existed. I was busy interviewing for the career I have now. I could never have foreseen how things would change. But they did, brick by tiny brick, pieces were added to this building life and in one short year, people and things and memories were added to the stack. Things that, if taken away, would cause the tower to tumble, or at the very least, significantly betray its stability.

I wonder how next Easter will look.

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