Rain in January

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It tough, following up a post like I had last week.
How do you go from my sister's having a freakin' baby! to oh and here we are, back in my normal life...

You don't. Not gracefully, anyway. The switch is harsh.

I was looking through some pictures from Christmas, finally editing someone of those photos that I haven't even seen. Now that things have finally wound down and in the gloom of January, I'm looking for some cheer.

I found it....

I just love this picture. There are a hundred reasons why it's perfect, but I think my favorite is that smile Ryan's mom has on her face. It requires no explanation. Its the way a mom smiles at her son.

Last summer, some of Ryan's friends got married and I remember sitting at this table, watching the groom dance with his mother. In that moment, I made a conscious decision to be a mother to sons. Just to dance with them at their wedding and be the first woman who loved them.

Forty-odd years from now, I hope that my sister and I enjoy each other's company as much as these brothers do. Nothing compares to that friendship. Nothing.

I think we'll be okay.


There were dogs.
Oh lawd, were there dogs.

If dogs could speak, this one would say my life blows. I'm wearing reindeer on my head. Is this real?

 There was also lipgloss. And lots of it.


These came into my life:

And Jack became best friends with the snow.


It's hard to follow up a pregnancy announcement, but momentarily re-living the cheer that is always too quickly over is a pleasant transition.

I'm still giggling over these photo discoveries:

Photo bombing:

First day of fancy-camera ownership. The pictures are rough, but they got better. Ohhh did they get better.


You know what brightens up the gloom of January?
Buying airfare to this place...

Countdown to sppppringbreak!


Happy Wednesday!

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