Birthdays, Babies and Puppies: How to Win the Weekend

by - 9:10 AM

Happy Monday, everyone!
Briefly, an homage to the weekend I had.
As you know, this happened.
And as it turned out, really, it was just babies and puppies all weekend.

This little lady combined both and played her favorite game.
"Hey! Aunt Jenn, let's pretend I'm a puppy. Woof!"

Her "barks" are hilarious. Basically, ah-rooo. ah-rooo. ah-rooo.
With her big announcement out in the open, we officially entered full-on-get-pumped-we're-havin'-a-baby mode.
And let the shopping begin!
My two favorite things: puppies and a handsome man.
Of course, let us not forget the reason for our gathering.
A girl had a birthday.
And there were presents to open.

Best of all, there was the pleasant reminder that we get to do it all over again next year, but by then, a new little person will be on hand to celebrate with us.
And it wouldn't be a weekend if we didn't practice our best crazy faces.
I hope your weekend was awesome.

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