Traditions Change: A Thankful Christmas

by - 8:25 AM

I like traditions. I like reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas at the same time every year. And I want to drink egg nog and have sugar cookies while I'm reading it. I want to bathe myself in the same feelings year after year.

And I like setting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I like stirring hot chocolate with a candy cane. I like wearing a Santa hat while handing out gifts. I like having ham for Christmas day.

But most of all, I like for it to happen the same way it happened the year before because that suggests that I'm keeping a tradition---doing it on purpose, and creating a life.

But sometimes life slaps you in the face and reminds you Hello! Variety and spontaneity is the salty spice of life. It's the glitter, the sparkle, the magic. It's the good stuff.

So sometimes your traditions get tossed in the garbage. You do something else instead.
You make new traditions.

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, I was bowling.
And you know what....?
I liked it. Tradition be damned.

I guess I'm just so in love with the idea of sitting in front of a crackling fire while snow falls prettily on the other side of a frosted window while I explain the traditions to my descencents that I've been participating in since long before they were born. I want to pass along the traditions I grew up with so my children will have the same warm cozy feelings about the holidays that I do. I'm so in love with the idea, it's hard to let go when reality steps in.

Well, sometimes Life (capital L) tells you to shut up.
Girl, live a little.
And so you go bowling.

Sometimes you get thrown a curveball and it turns into something wonderful.

Sometimes your traditions have to adapt.
This year, Skype will become a part of my traditions.
And so will bowling.

Life's good that way. Changes you up. Reminds you that things change and you can go with the change, or you can stand stagnant and alone.

I'll go with a change.
See you later, traditions. We're doing things different this year.
Merry Christmas.
Peace. Love. Joy.

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