The Ebb and Flow: To Be Continued

by - 12:55 PM

As I write this, I am drinking hot chocolate with a melting candy cane to stir.
To be honest, I am sucker for sad endings. I like to relish the last moments while feeling somewhat sorry for myself as a good thing comes to an end.
Christmas is over, 2012 is closing's all so fast isn't it?
For more than a month, I've been watching Christmas movies exclusively. Today, I switched on Sex and the City and welcomed the voices of some tried and true friends.
I put Bing and Manheim Steamroller back in the closet and out came Moon River.
I don't yet have the ambition to take down the Christmas tree, but the ebb and flow of life is starting to push me once more.
Yesterday we celebrated our last holiday family get together.
I hosted.
God, I'm growing up.


There's this little girl in our family.
And I know, from experience, one has to literally put a lock on their wallet to stop themselves from buying astronomical amounts of presents for the little lady who owns their heart.
Even that doesn't always work. 

And what's a family Christmas party without the resident teenager escaping into her phone?
Oh, kids these days....
But then, she joined in eventually.
The dogs enjoyed some extra lovin'

I made this thing:
And Adellia made this face.
It was squash, if you were wondering.
It was a winning day, but then, my favorite moment....
My two great loves. My Aiden and Mr. Big.
I would have chose Aiden by the way, which is why the man I love is of the woodsy, masculine, Aiden variety, and it is, instead, the puppy that is particularly dark and handsome.
I received a snappy, new and fancy camera for Christmas which I'm learning to use. I hope that explains the somewhat inconsistant quality. When I get it, it takes freakin' incredible pictures, but when I don't get it, and for now, that's pretty often, it takes blurry pictures.
I'll get the hang of it.
Anyway, I'll be back again tomorrow. I'll need to reflect on the year past and I may be too generous to myself on occasion, but I consider myself a writer, and I can only reflect and digest in one way: writing.
In the meantime, anyway, thanks God.

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