A Thankful Christmas: I've lost count

by - 8:02 PM

I'm so far behind, there's no catching up.
But it's worth trying, because stuff this good counts a hundred times.
This weekend I was thankful for a little girl.
A girl and her dog.

True love. At it's finest.
I hope she always remembers this.
There is a magical time in every girl's life, when she's so little, she's (hopefully) never felt rejection. She's only known the unconditional care of her Mommy and Daddy and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.....she's only felt love.
 And the wonderful love she can give in return is unlike anything that will ever be again. She's not afraid yet, she can't fathom losing love. She's generous with it and totally unwary.
Someday, that will change and our hearts will break as we watch hers feel the first pangs of how fickle and nasty love can be. But on that day, I hope with every bit of me, that she remembers her first love. The most innocent, sweet, love there is.
A girl and her dog.
Christmas is creeping ever closer. I finally feel comfortable exhaling merriment and wishing to all a Merry Christmas. And although I can't be with my favorite girl and her dog, I'm cheerfully looking forward to spending the evening with another girl and a slighly more famous dog.
Merry Christmas

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