A Thankful Christmas: The Eve

by - 12:40 PM

It's Christmas Eve and we are home for the holidays.
We have snow, yes, alot of it. And with it came a power outtage.
And the flashlights were placed upwards with care,
with hopes that Consumers Energy soon would be there.

On Friday afternoon, we packed up three puppies, a grandma and a trunkful of presents and braved the weather. Because, you know, to Grandmother's house we go.
As soon as the power came back on, we broke out the holly nog and old Christmas movies and thanked our lucky stars that the people in Hollywood have never attempted to ruin the magic that is Miracle on 34th Street with a reboot.
And even the puppies are mesmerized by the promise of a white Christmas.
And really, it's been puppy time all weekend. There are, after all, five of 'em.
On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeeeee, FIVE freakin' puppies!
Bow-Wow indeed.
We went to go see Christmas lights last night.
And apparently, according to one passenger in our vehicle, we saw the igloo where the baby Jesus was born.
I guess I've been reading the wrong Christmas story.
We're home.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

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