A Thankful Christmas: Days 5-9

by - 7:29 PM

Days and days behind, but no less blessed and no less grateful.
Just busy.
It all started on Wednesday, when I was too busy watching the X Factor.
On that night, I was thankful for Ryan's mother and technology because although we are hours and hours apart, we're basically together.
On Thursday, I was working late into the evening. I was thankful for two things again: my job and my home.
I have been told that if one loves what they do, they'll never work a day in their life.
I started doing this thing in July, and I haven't worked a day since.
But it sure is good to come home to a trio of puppies who are under the impression that I am the reason the sun rises and every morning and by my magical hands, food appears from no apparent source in their bowls.
Then on Friday, a secret surprise made me remember how thankful and blessed I am by family.
Tonight, in totally spontaneous fashion, Jack and I loaded up in the car, put the windows down, blasted the heat and turn up Bing's sweet voice.
We decided to tour the neighborhood, looking for our very own local Griswold.
When I was a little girl, we'd always do this---drive around, looking at Christmas lights. Even just going to the grocery store, I can remember my Dad pointing, a grin on his tired face, "Hey kids! Check out that house. Man, I bet their electricity bills is whooooo-weee."

There was this night, this wintery, Christmas-y night, when we passed a set of lights that grace the year no matter what month it is. They are red, white, and blue and sit atop a car that is decidedly un-merry.
In my six-year-old little mind, I remember so concisely thinking that the driver was pulled over because they didn't look at the Christmas lights.
Shoulda looked, pal, I thought, smugly. Then--no chance we're getting pulled over. I'm looking at 'em all. 
There are days when I think, this can't possibly matter. Mundane things aren't important.
But then I think back. I remember the crap that stands out in my memories of being a kid. And holy moly, if it isn't the mundane stuff.
It wasn't the presents, the productions or the shiny, sparkling stuff.
It was the interactions. It was the family.
I remind myself all the time, family is everything.
Family is everything.
It was the driving around, looking at lights.
It was the joy on my Dad's face, pointing out the brightly lit yards.
It was the sitting together, singing carols that we didn't even know the words to, feeding on each other's excitement.
It was because family is everything.
Tonight I'm snuggling with the puppies.
I'm drinking hot chocolate with sprinkles. They're curled up at my toes.
I think we're dreaming of a White Christmas.
Family is everything.

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